Fans of legendar rock group Omega were patiently waiting from last year's spring on suspended concert, until Hungary language finaly took over Congress centrum and tickets were solt.
7.11.2014 | Eva Makovská
As a reward for long waiting, it was a great show. Even though János Kóbor's age, he still sings as for his life, László Benkö is playing  keyboard and with other groups members they are all delivering great performance. Their current tour complements Symphony Orchestra, which rises and the old familiar hits at higher listening levels. The whole scene is accompanied, as we used in Omega, elaborate light show, accompanied by projections with spiritual themes (temples, organ, stained glass) ...viac...
Pearlhair swains under Zobor
6.7.2011 | Oriskó Norbert
/extract/ ..... Saturday 49 annual Omega charmed his audience in Nitra. We hardly get parking. Already a rush of cars going to suggest that the big event. Although it is not cheap entertainment. Ticket prices ranged from 25 to 55,-EUR. Already two hours before the concert at the amphitheater were at least 3000 people, when the concert started, we were at least twice more. Many visitors came from Hungary, Poland ........ Before Omega Collegium Musicum band playing instrumental music. In the ...viac...
12.5.2009 | PR
Sepultura from Brazil are a prime example of an intelligent thrash metal act whose powerful compositions continue to tackle exciting and ingenious subjects. 1996 saw the band devote their landmark release, Roots, to the fate of the Xavante Indians on the border of Brazil and Bolivia; in spring 2006 the musicians put to music an opus by the Italian poet and philosopher, Dante Alighieri, on their album, Dante XXI. Now this concept has reached a new climax: on their latest release, A-Lex, guitarist ...viac...
The Piramis concert of joy in Nové Zámky prior to the concert in Budapest
20.12.2006 | Norbert Oriskó, Szabad Újság
When the 30-year-old group Piramis - considered the most popular Hungarian rock-band at the turn of the 1970´s - announced a reunion concert – this piece of news created a sensation throughout the world of Hungarian pop music; perhaps even a bigger one than Omega’s reunion two years ago (the latter has been performing since that initial reunion). In case of Kóbor´s band (Omega) however, it was just a question of mere willingness. But the reunion of Piramis was in doubt due to the previous ...viac...
„I know such a guy, who does not know a single word in Hungarian but he knows all our lyrics,“ says Alapi, the guitarist laughingly
Košice/Moldava nad Bodvou – Muddy open-air festival atmosphere, Hungarian rock, immortal Attila Pataky and fans who have been faithful for ages. The band Edda művek is famous for the fact that during their existence many musicians have been changed around the singer, Attila Pataky, but they have probably been playing for the longest time in this formation. The band, which consist of the following members: István Alapi (guitar), Zsolt Gyömöry (keyboard), Zoltán Hetényi (drums) and ...viac...
Košice – Memories of times past, rock-'n’-roll after sixty and unbridled energy – yesterday's concert by the Hungarian legend, whose success bounded over the iron curtain, validated their years of tried-and-true quality. Led by irreplaceable János “Mecky” Kóbor, Omega had everyone on their feet – from the thirty and forty-something crowd who perhaps lead boring lives, the eighteen to twenty year-olds ardently boycotting electronic music, 12-year old kids who succumbed (and apparently ...viac...
19.5.2006 | denník Korzár
Košice – There are only a few days left until the concert of the legendary Omega, which will take place on Wednesday, 24th May in the Amphitheatre. As we have already informed you, Marián Varga and band Sexit from Rožňava will perform before the Hungarian band, which is also called the eastern Rolling Stones. Apart from the fans the performers also look forward to Omega. Many years ago Marián Varga already trained performing with the band Omega and so he knows what a great show they can ...viac...
During its European tour the legendary band Omega will give concerts next Tuesday in Bratislava and on Wednesday in Košice.
17.5.2006 | Új szó
We talked with the leader and singer of the band concerning their two stops in Slovakia during their tour and launching of their new album. He did not talk only about their own music. We found out that he is also familiar with the rock music of our age and often goes to music shops. He does not often listen to commercial radio stations and since 1995 he has not been to any concerts either. At that time the band Rolling Stones had a concert in Budapest; in his opinion it was the peak that nothing ...viac...
After the concerts in Dunajská Streda and Gombasek, the band Omega will perform in two big cities of Slovakia.
17.5.2006 | Szabad Újság, Norbert Oriskó
Many people considered it to be a sensation when two years ago the band Omega, which was formed 44 years ago in 1963, had a concert on the football pitch in Dunajská Streda. The concert in Gombasek followed and now on 23rd May in Bratislava (Sibamac arena, at 7 pm) and one day later on 24th May in Košice (at 7 pm, Amphitheatre) the "Old rascals" will sing again. The band “sent” the singer János Kóbor for field examination and then he answered the questions of journalists. Why did you ...viac...
15.5.2006 | denník Korzár
Košice – The rock legend of the eastern block, the Hungarian band Omega led by the long-haired János Kóbor alias Mecky is also coming to Košice after an unbelievably long time! On Wednesday, 24th May at 7 pm the old rock fans and also the younger age groups will have a rock holiday in the Amphitheatre - simply everybody who has been seduced by this music. "We played more than twenty years ago directly in Košice therefore we are really looking forward to it" Mecky admitted. „We were in ...viac...
Omega – the biggest name in rock music from the days of the old Eastern Bloc, the only band, in fact, from the Communist era to make it all over Europe, are hitting the road again and going on their EUROMEGA TOUR 2006 Omega are giving two concerts in Slovakia, one in each of the country’s two biggest cities, playing in the National Tennis Centre in Bratislava at 7pm on May 23rd / and in the Amphitheatre in Košice at 7pm on May 24th. The support act at the concert will be ...viac...
Performance duration: 92 minutes
Over 550,000 spectators from all around the world have enjoyed the most successful version of W.A Mozart’s world-famous opera. Since June 1991 the play has been a regular launch of the Theatre’s repertoire. For 15 years the show has been presented at more than 40 world festivals. Nowadays it ranks among the supreme masterpieces of the Czech marionette artists’ skill. The play is a much-sought-after spectacle among visitors from all over the world. The show is seasoned with subtle wit and ...viac...
Czech marionettes in the opera of operas!
Opera for the whole family! Czech marionettes in the opera of operas! More than 3,000 performances already launched! Attended festivals round the world and participated in major international events. Mozart composed his “Don Giovanni”, the “opera of operas”, specifically for Prague and he also personally conducted its first world performance at Stavovské divadlo (The Prague Estates Theatre). That was in 1787. Národní divadlo Marionet (The National Marionette Theatre) ...viac...
The band Omega impressed the audience with its greatest hits, well-known in Prague as well as widely abroad.
11.6.2005 | JÁNOS KOKES, ÚJ SZÓ
During the nearly two-hours long, deeply impressive concert, that moved every soul in the audience, the Hungarian group presented their most popular songs, known also abroad. The tracks, featuring the 30-years career of the band, were played with youthful temper and big success. In the audience there were several hundreds of Hungarians living in Slovakia and Czechia who, together with János Kóbor and his group, sang the band's best known songs. When, after the song „Tízezer lépés - Ten ...viac...
After thirty-four years, the legendary Hungarian band has come back to Prague to electrify its fans.
10.6.2005 | Ivan Novák,
It has already been incredible thirty-four years since the greatest asset of the Eastern bloc rock music – the Hungarian band Omega – appeared on the stage of smoky Lucerna hall. The band with a long-haired frontman as the only one from the Eastern bloc won through and managed to attract attention of rock music fans across the whole Europe. There was really a lot to recall in Lucerna hall. Back in the 70s, Omega was supported in Lucerna by Radim Hladík’s band Blue Efekt and the same ...viac...
The concert of rock veterans in July 9 in Lucerna
11.5.2005 | Lidové noviny
PRAGUE The concert of rock veterans on the 9th of July in the big hall in Lucerna. You will be entertained by Hungarian band Omega and also by home band Blue Effect. János Kóbor, the singer and also the establishing member of Omega, visited Prague on Wednesday. Stadion band Since 1980’s Omega has been in the position of superstar in Hungaria, and its members have organised concerts only in big halls or at stadions. They have kept this position up to this day. In 1999, ninety thousand ...viac...
Marian Gold: Every human being wants to live forever although everybody knows it is not possible
4.10.2004 | Národná obroda
An exclusive conversation with the singer and the leader of the music band called Alphaville. Your songs were very popular in socialistic Czechoslovakia in 1980`s. Did you know about your popularity behind the Iron curtain? -Yes, we had some information that we were popular in eastern Europe, and we were delighted by that. In 1986, we wanted to visit Democratic republic of Germany, but they did not let us publish our album there due to negative comunistic propaganda, so it was useless. ...viac...
Cultish german music band got trapped by Slovak policemen, but in the end the concert in Bratislava was tremendous
4.10.2004 | Národná obroda
Despite the catastrophic start of the tour of legendary german band Alphaville around Slovakia the concert in Bratislava on Friday was a great celebration of colourful commensalism of electronic melodies and lights. And it proved the fact that age in generally is not a matter of numbers but a matter of our condition and feelings... On Thursday it seemed that the performation of the band and its leader Marian Gold in Slovakia would face only problems. The band was passing the boarder with Czech ...viac...
Hungarian legend has a concert in Slovakia after 25 years
2.9.2004 | Bratislavský Večeník
After 25 years, during which Hungarian rock legend, despite number of invitations, did not have any concerts abroad, Omega comes to Slovakia. Their gigantic concert called I Bring Sun and Stars takes place on a stadion DAC in Dunajská Streda on Saturday, September 11. The organisers promise a fantastic show. Omega comes to Dunajská Streda with a big technical garniture loaded in several lorries. There will be huge videoprojections, massive platform with a roof, laser effects, and naturally, ...viac...
"Happy Birthday" – as the audience of the full house DAC Stadium screamed.
Almost everyone who attended the show in Dunajská Streda, expressed pleasure in the forum of the bands official website. „We got such a number of great shows during Spring, we missed this one, one month break seemed too much.”, „The party succeeded very well, sounding was good, the organisers were on their mettle.”, „What else could be added? I could carve here all the positive attributives, but I believe it’s unnecessary…” – can be read at The specifics of the concert: ...viac...
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We are happy to inform fans that DIXIE KINGS OF HUNGARY, which originated in early 2016 and is made up of former non-existent members, the famous Benko Dixieland Band-Will appear on April 30, 2017, Sunday at 18:00 in Dunajská Streda, as part of an international wine festival called MUN-DUS 2017.
Great experience is guaranteed! The entrance is free. We wish you good fun!


Fehérlaposok / My, s bielym dekrétom

Rock opera from authors Másik Lehel and Vizeli Csaba called " Fehérlaposok / My, s bielym dekrétom" tells a story about forced move out of families from Czecho-Slovakia.

Date: 7. april 2017,  Friday at 6 p.m.
Place: MsKS Kolárovo

ELO CLASSICS performed by PHIL BATES BAND & The Berlin String Ensemble

24.6.2017 at open air theatra of SEREĎ city you can enjoy popular hits from legendary band ELO / Electric Light Orchestra/

in authentic interpretation by ex-singer and guitar player of the band -  PHIL BATES BAND & The Berlin String Ensemble.

Guest of the concert is Czechoslovak legend - PRÚDY band.


More info:



OMEGA, 55 anniversary tour, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the frenetic last year's success and ever lasting great interest brings back legendary group OMEGA again, it will visit the imposing Steel Arena of the city of Kosice for the second time. Under the title BEST OF OMEGA you will be able to enjoy many of the biggest hits.


You can enjoy the concert on December 16., 2017, on Saturday at 7 p.m..

Presale tickets on Ticketportal /

Zalatnay Sarolta / Cini/



You can enjoy promised concert of legendary singer with group REFLEX on July 1 in the framework of the festivities in the town Málaš.


EDDA művek

We are pleased to inform you that famous rock band EDDA művek will have many concerts in 2017 in Slovakia.

You can enjoy first concert on June 2, Friday at the amphitheater in Rimavská Sobota.


Another ˝open air˝ concerts of group: 23. 6., Friday, Debraď, 2. 7. Sunday, Málaš, 16.9., Dvory nad Žitavou. More info - coming soon.


With the most pleasure to inform the public that a world class group of African- American Baptist Reverend Dwight Robson , " The Golden Voices of Gospel " by a group of our agency exclusively represents in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, will visit us this year. We plan to make your current cord mainly in December 2017.

Mr. Robson was born in St. Louis, Missouri , and his co-performers transferred from New York. His golden voice graduated hundreds of extremely successful concerts around the world with the motto " Let's Have Church Tonight! " . Not coincidentally worked with them, among others, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey....

In the Christmas atmosphere and in an exceptional environment disappear wonderful Negro spirituals, gospels known and popular hits like Hallelujah, Oh Happy Day, Swing Low and many others in more than two-hour program. We wish you a wonderful experience!

More information soon - here!