After thirty-four years, the legendary Hungarian band has come back to Prague to electrify its fans.
10.6.2005 | Ivan Novák,
It has already been incredible thirty-four years since the greatest asset of the Eastern bloc rock music – the Hungarian band Omega – appeared on the stage of smoky Lucerna hall. The band with a long-haired frontman as the only one from the Eastern bloc won through and managed to attract attention of rock music fans across the whole Europe. There was really a lot to recall in Lucerna hall. Back in the 70s, Omega was supported in Lucerna by Radim Hladík’s band Blue Efekt and the same formation with an excellent guitar player started off the Thursday evening again. On the stage, Hladík and his Blue Efekt in its present form produced an impressive music spectacle during which they revived such well-known songs as Kuře v hodinkách (Chicken in the watch) or Sluneční hrob (A sun grave) which met with a stormy response of the audience. Hladík not only repeatedly used his famous violin bow but he also presented himself in a solo accompanied only by the drummer. Three quarters of an hour lasting performance warmed up the listeners for the main star of that long music evening. Omega showed up on the stage after a fifteen-minute break. Exulting girl-fans have become older as have the musicians themselves. It however in no way reduced the fans’ vitality nor the vigour of the musicians. Before the main frontman Janos Kobor appeared on the stage, the Lucerna hall was filled with guitar and keyboard tones harmonized with a scenic video-projection. As in the old days, he ran around the stage, wielding the heavy microphone stand and casting about his white hair. As expected, Omega brought the most important songs of its repertoire on the stage. They ranged from catchy Budapest waltzes up to extensive rock compositions. The musicians played with relish their doubled guitars in the formation as well as two keyboard parks that produced sounds reminding the bygone fame of rock dinosaurs like the Yes. Had it not been for the language barrier, the audience would have sung many songs with the band. 34 years ago Omega shook the walls of the Lucerna hall. This time, the Prague’s music tabernacle was not ready to be demolished. The hall was rather full; nevertheless, quite a high ticket price prevented the hall to be crowded. The event, with a number of extras, took approximately two hours but the evening was not over. All the visitors could move to the after-party in Lucerna Music Bar where the evening reached its peak and finished at late hours and where audience could meet the performers personally. The concert fulfilled more than just commemorating the glorious era of classical Hungarian rock players. The evening passed in a pleasant, happy atmosphere which could be properly enjoyed by everybody. Related photos Prague concert photos
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We are happy to inform fans that DIXIE KINGS OF HUNGARY, which originated in early 2016 and is made up of former non-existent members, the famous Benko Dixieland Band-Will appear on April 30, 2017, Sunday at 18:00 in Dunajská Streda, as part of an international wine festival called MUN-DUS 2017.
Great experience is guaranteed! The entrance is free. We wish you good fun!


Fehérlaposok / My, s bielym dekrétom

Rock opera from authors Másik Lehel and Vizeli Csaba called " Fehérlaposok / My, s bielym dekrétom" tells a story about forced move out of families from Czecho-Slovakia.

Date: 7. april 2017,  Friday at 6 p.m.
Place: MsKS Kolárovo

ELO CLASSICS performed by PHIL BATES BAND & The Berlin String Ensemble

24.6.2017 at open air theatra of SEREĎ city you can enjoy popular hits from legendary band ELO / Electric Light Orchestra/

in authentic interpretation by ex-singer and guitar player of the band -  PHIL BATES BAND & The Berlin String Ensemble.

Guest of the concert is Czechoslovak legend - PRÚDY band.


More info:



OMEGA, 55 anniversary tour, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the frenetic last year's success and ever lasting great interest brings back legendary group OMEGA again, it will visit the imposing Steel Arena of the city of Kosice for the second time. Under the title BEST OF OMEGA you will be able to enjoy many of the biggest hits.


You can enjoy the concert on December 16., 2017, on Saturday at 7 p.m..

Presale tickets on Ticketportal /

Zalatnay Sarolta / Cini/



You can enjoy promised concert of legendary singer with group REFLEX on July 1 in the framework of the festivities in the town Málaš.


EDDA művek

We are pleased to inform you that famous rock band EDDA művek will have many concerts in 2017 in Slovakia.

You can enjoy first concert on June 2, Friday at the amphitheater in Rimavská Sobota.


Another ˝open air˝ concerts of group: 23. 6., Friday, Debraď, 2. 7. Sunday, Málaš, 16.9., Dvory nad Žitavou. More info - coming soon.


With the most pleasure to inform the public that a world class group of African- American Baptist Reverend Dwight Robson , " The Golden Voices of Gospel " by a group of our agency exclusively represents in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, will visit us this year. We plan to make your current cord mainly in December 2017.

Mr. Robson was born in St. Louis, Missouri , and his co-performers transferred from New York. His golden voice graduated hundreds of extremely successful concerts around the world with the motto " Let's Have Church Tonight! " . Not coincidentally worked with them, among others, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey....

In the Christmas atmosphere and in an exceptional environment disappear wonderful Negro spirituals, gospels known and popular hits like Hallelujah, Oh Happy Day, Swing Low and many others in more than two-hour program. We wish you a wonderful experience!

More information soon - here!