Košice – There are only a few days left until the concert of the legendary Omega, which will take place on Wednesday, 24th May in the Amphitheatre. As we have already informed you, Marián Varga and band Sexit from Rožňava will perform before the Hungarian band, which is also called the eastern Rolling Stones. Apart from the fans the performers also look forward to Omega. Many years ago Marián Varga already trained performing with the band Omega and so he knows what a great show they can produce. „We went on a tour with Omega in 1972 all across Hungary. I think it was quite an equal score and the two bands got on well. We were thirty years younger and we had a great time“ he remembers. „It was fascinating for me to hear the excitement and enthusiasm of János Kóbor at the Bratislava press conference when talking about the plans of Omega. The huge dynamism to start a tour of Europe was a big surprise for me” says the musician who has rich experience in performing on the stage. „I am sure that they will play with the same desire. Therefore who likes a ‘hot cup of tea’, they should not let it cool down“ Varga smiles. „I think that there are surely a lot of rock fans in Slovakia and I hope that none of them will miss this opportunity.“ However the concert for him is not just a „small thing“ as it might seem. „I have huge respect for them, in any case almost as much as for everybody. It will be a bit unequal fight as Omega is a colossus producing (o)mega show (laughter) from the visual and sound aspect as well. I hope that the bit of music I am going to offer the listeners will not drown totally in that ocean.” The leader of Omega, János Kóbor alias Mecky also confirmed the words of Marián Varga. „We look forward to you as only two years ago I could make sure that the fans in Slovakia remained as great as some years ago. We have prepared some new songs for you from the album we are preparing now, but mainly we will play our biggest hits” Mecky invited all of their fans with these words.

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