….. Saturday 49 annual Omega charmed his audience in Nitra.
We hardly get parking. Already a rush of cars going to suggest that the big event. Although it is not cheap entertainment. Ticket prices ranged from 25 to 55,-EUR. Already two hours before the concert at the amphitheater were at least 3000 people, when the concert started, we were at least twice more. Many visitors came from Hungary, Poland …….. Before Omega Collegium Musicum band playing instrumental music. In the audience were among Slovaks and Hungarians, there was a friendly mood. (For us it was just a bad joke that the expression of some Slovak politicians said the two nations to devour).
Head of the band Omega, Benko Laci greeted the audience, remembering later that decade through the rock music was really only possible way to describe the desire for freedom. The concert began with the song “Petróleum Lámpa”, the concert was actually a summary of the life work of the legendary band. It was an impressive and outstanding musical point of view. In this technique also served a very good performance. The weather was excellent, and the mood-and even better on stage than on the audience. Omega’s concerts ending in two ways. In the first case, the band played in admixing block “Gyöngyhajú lány” (perlhaired girl) as the last song in the second, when the boys had to return in front of the audience with an extra bonus.
In Nitra became the last, that the concert was finished song “regional csibészek” (old lad).
About Omega celebrates 50th year anniversary of its existence, the monster concerts. Singer, Kóbor János, “Mecky” told us that they are preparing a brand new program and hopes that foreign Hungarians will celebrate together dozens of concerts. As for me, since 1994, so I go to concerts Omega that I have to go because it is possible that given the opportunity to be the last.
Now in Nitra, I had this feeling, half a century is not going to Omega goodbye, not do it – ‘life-rockandroll “are already in the blood. And when they do it on a level with such a mood as in Nitra, a thousand ways such joy, why should it not done?
We thank the Agency elóKONCERT that Omega get to Nitra, and we were able to become participants in this wonderful event.

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