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Sepultura from Brazil are a prime example of an intelligent thrash metal act whose powerful compositions continue to tackle exciting and ingenious subjects. 1996 saw the band devote their landmark release, Roots, to the fate of the Xavante Indians on the border of Brazil and Bolivia; in spring 2006 the musicians put to music an opus by the Italian poet and philosopher, Dante Alighieri, on their album, Dante XXI. Now this concept has reached a new climax: on their latest release, A-Lex, guitarist Andreas Kisser and his three colleagues, Derrick Green (vocals), Paulo Jr. (bass) and new addition Jean Dollabella (drums), have dedicated themselves to Anthony Burgess’s book ‘A Clockwork Orange’, creating an awesome thrash metal opus around this timeless and exciting subject. A-Lex will be available on Steamhammer/SPV on 26 January 2009 (Germany: 23 January 2009, US: 27 January 2009) and certainly has what it takes to shake up the foundations of the metal scene: few other albums from this genre sound as ambitioned or impressive. “A lot of people know Stanley Kubrick’s film, ‘A Clockwork Orange’, which is a movie classic, but few realise that the last chapter of the book is missing from the film. And that’s what in my opinion is extremely important for the message that Anthony Burgess wanted to convey: it’s your own free will, your own free choice, in which environment you choose to move,” band mastermind Andreas Kisser explains his interpretation of this historic publication. “Following his stay in hospital, Alex, the book’s main character, returns to society, meets old friends, finds a wife and starts a family. He makes this choice of his own will, irrespective of what the government had in mind for him. “An interesting aspect which Sepultura underline with their typical hard-as-nails thrash metal compositions on A-Lex (an album title with a double meaning: in Russian, “A-Lex” means something like “lawless”). The recording is divided into four chapters, the first three of which cover the familiar plot from the movie, while chapter four reflects the final part of the story from the book. “Every chapter, from ‘Alex I’ to ‘Alex IV’, starts with a brief introduction which allows the listener to follow the story at all times,” Kisser explains. Along with Sepultura’s familiar raw metal tunes, which are omnipresent on the one-hour recording, they have authentically translated Alex’s affinity with Ludwig van Beethoven: supported by classical symphonic musicians from Sao Paulo, the track ‘Ludwig Van’ picks up Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and transposes it into a heavy metal context. This number is a definite must, and it would be impossible to optimise this combination of classical music and savage thrash metal. The material was produced by Sepultura and Stanley Soares at the Trama Studios in Sao Paulo and mastered by George Marino at New York’s Sterling Sound studios. A-Lex is the first Sepultura album to feature new drummer Jean Dolabella, who joined the fold during the Dante XXI tour. “We’ve known Jean for more than three years, he’s from our hometown of Belo Horizonte and joined us when Roy Mayorga left to team up with Stone Sour,” Kisser introduces his new drummer. “He’s ten years younger than the other band members and has brought a new approach into the band. Jean has an amazing amount of energy and motivation. We’re very happy to have him with us, and we’re proud of the positive impact he’s had on the material on A-Lex.” With Dolabella as Sepultura’s driving force and more outstanding guitar work courtesy of Andreas Kisser, A-Lex proves to be a dynamic and extremely haunting metal opus which was written in just three months and created more or less on the basis of extended studio jams. The listener feels this spontaneity and vibrancy in every single note. A-Lex will be available in three versions: in a deluxe Digipak with an embossed cover, in a regular jewel case and on a vinyl gatefold LP. Founded in spring 1984, Sepultura celebrated their breakthrough in 1989 with their third release Beneath The Remains. Then came classics such as Arise (1991) and Chaos A.D. (1993). Roots (1996) terminated the collaboration with vocalist Max Cavalera. The three remaining Sepultura musicians, Igor Cavalera, Paolo Pinto and Andreas Kisser, appointed the African-American, Derrick Green, as his successor. In 1998, the band produced their opus, Against, featuring Green’s powerful voice, as well as erstwhile Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. The group’s social commitment had already established itself at the time, and Sepultura organized a festival in Sao Paulo in August 1998 in support of the Indians in the country’s North East. The audience had the choice of paying the regular ticket price or bringing along one kilogram of groceries for Brazil’s natives. This national commitment was also expressed in the title of the 2001 recording, Nation. For the first time since Beneath The Remains, Sepultura had recorded an album in their native country, Brazil, inviting illustrious guests such as Jello Biafra (ex-Dead Kennedys), Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and dub/reggae legend Dr. Israel, among others, to the studio, and asking Finnish metal cellists, Apocalyptica, to do a version of the song, ‘Valtio’. And the band also proved that they are able to see beyond their genre. “The basic idea was to take numbers by acts who at first glance have no connection with our music and perform them in typical Sepultura style. So we came up with artists such as U2, Massive Attack or Jane´s Addiction,” Kisser explains on the subject of Revolusongs, an EP consisting of seven cover versions that caused a worldwide sensation in 2002. “Revolusongs was a spiritual liberation for us,” Kisser commented immediately after the release, hinting that their subsequent recording, Roorback, would be made of real Brazilian tropical timber. “Each one of our albums has been a direct reaction to the previous one or several previous releases,” he explains. “It was a great experience to have worked with other musicians on Roots, Against and Nation, but we wanted to keep things simpler on Roorback, more brutal and direct, with fewer jam parts.” Sepultura’s extremely direct style is reflected by live footage recorded in Sao Paulo in April 2005, which formed the basis of Live In Sao Paulo. The subsequent release, Dante XXI (2006), and their current recording, A-Lex, see Sepultura devote themselves increasingly to literary themes, which they have translated in a fascinating way into thrash metal compositions. TRACKS A-lex I * Moloko Mesto * Filthy Rot * We`ve Lost You! * What I Do! * A-lex II * The Treatment * Metamorphosis * Sadistic Values * Forceful Behavior * Conform * A-lex III * The Experiment * Strike * Enough Said * Ludwig Van * A-lex IV * Paradox DISCOGRAPHY BESTIAL DEVASTATION (EP, 1985) MORBID VISIONS (1986) SCHIZOPHRENIA (1987) BENEATH THE REMAINS (1989) ARISE (1991) CHAOS A.D. (1993) ROOTS (1996) AGAINST (1998) NATION (2001) ROORBACK (2003) LIVE IN SAO PAULO (2005) DANTE XXI (2006) new: A-LEX (2009)
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Srdečne Vás pozývame na ODPUST SVÄTÉHO LADISLAVA V DEBRADI v nasledovných termínoch: 21., 22. jún. 2019.


Srdečne Vás pozývame na XXIII.OBECNÚ OSLAVU v nasledovných termínoch:  22. jún. 2019.


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Svetoznáma ,obľúbená a nesmierne nadaná skupina získala naspäť svoje historické meno- BENKÓ DIXIELAND BAND!


Fehérlaposok / My, s bielym dekrétom

Rocková opera od autorov Másik Lehel a Vizeli Csaba  názvom " Fehérlaposok / My, s bielym dekrétom" rozpráva
o násilnom vysťahovaní rodín z Československa.
Termín: 7. apríla 2017, piatok o18:00
Miesto: MsKS Kolárovo

ELO CLASSICS performed by PHIL BATES BAND & The Berlin String Ensemble

24.6.2017  na Amfiteátri mesta SEREĎ si môžete vychutnať večnozelené hity legendárnej kapely ELO / Electric Light Orchestra/ 

v autentickej interpretácii bývalého speváka a gitaristu skupiny -  PHIL BATES BAND & The Berlin String Ensemble.

Hosťom koncertu je  československá legenda- skupina PRÚDY.


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OMEGA, 55 anniversary tour, 2017

S radosťou Vám oznámime, že pre frenetický minuloročný úspech a stále trvajúci veľký záujem- legendárna skupina OMEGA znova, druhýkrát  zavíta do impozantnej Steel Arény mesta Košice. Pod názvom BEST OF OMEGA si budete môcť vychutnať z početných šlágrov tie najväčšie hity skupiny,  ktoré v minulom roku neodzneli.


Na koncert sa môžete tešiť 16. decembra 2017, v sobotu. o 19:00.

Lístky sú už v predaji v sieti Ticketportal / www.ticketportal.sk/.

Zalatnay Sarolta / Cini/



Sľubný koncert legendárnej speváčky  so skupinou REFLEX si môžete vychutnať už 1. júla v rámci obecných slávností v obci Málaš.


EDDA művek 2017

S radosťou informujeme fanúšikov skupiny, že EDDA művek aj v roku 2017 odohrajú viac koncertov aj na Slovensku.

Môžete sa tešiť  ich koncertu už 2. júna, v piatok na amfiteátri mesta Rimavská Sobota.


Ďalšie ˝open air˝ koncerty skupiny: 23. 6., piatok, Debraď, 2. 7. nedeľa, Málaš, 16.9., Dvory nad Žitavou. Viac info - neskôr.



S radosťou informujeme záujemcov, že svetoznáma skupina afro-amerického baptistického reverenda Dwighta Robsona, " The Golden Voices Of Gospel " , ktorú skupinu naša agentúra exkluzívne zastupuje na Slovensku, v ČR a MR,  zavítajú ku nám aj v tomto  roku.

Aktuálnu šnúru plánujeme uskutočniť hlavne v decembri 2017.

Pán Robson sa narodil v St. Louis v Missouri a svojich spoluúčinkujúcich privádza z New Yorku.
Svojimi Zlatými hlasmi absolvoval stovky mimoriadne úspešných koncertov po celom svete s mottom
"Let´s have Church Tonight!".
Nie náhodou spolupracoval s nimi medzi inými aj Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey....

V predvianočnej atmosfére a vo výnimočnom prostredí odznejú nádherné černošské špirituále, známe gospely a obľúbené hity ako Hallelujah, Oh Happy Day, Swing Low a mnohé ďalšie vo viac ako dvojhodinovom programe. Prajeme Vám skvelý zážitok!

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