When the 30-year-old group Piramis – considered the most popular Hungarian rock-band at the turn of the 1970´s – announced a reunion concert – this piece of news created a sensation throughout the world of Hungarian pop music; perhaps even a bigger one than Omega’s reunion two years ago (the latter has been performing since that initial reunion). In case of Kóbor´s band (Omega) however, it was just a question of mere willingness. But the reunion of Piramis was in doubt due to the previous addictions of Péter Gallai and Lajos Som. The possibility of a Piramis concert last year has also been rumored, but it never materialized. “I was addicted to alcohol and drugs, and, since the withdrawal has exhausted my organism, last year, I just wasn’t able to play a full concert” – said Lajos Som, the leader of the band, in an interview. Today, however, it is certain the concert will be staged, and not just one, but more concerts (Budapest, Sport Arena of László Papp, December 26–27). The full rehearsal is over and was a tremendous success. It was thanks to the ElóKoncert Agency in Dunajská Streda, which has pulled off, this time with Piramis, the bold move it had previously made with Omega, namely contracting the band for concerts in Southern Slovakia prior to their concert in Budapest. Already before the concert, one could have perceived that “Piramis-fever” is still alive: last Thursday, the parking lot of the Millennium Sport Hall in Nové Zámky was packed with fans. People arrived from the all over the country, even from Hungary. Later, the official website of the band ( said: “The members of the band – stepping out from their dressing rooms and looking at the growing crowd of people – experienced a slight attack of stage fright – in particular because it had already been fourteen years since they stood together in front of the audience. Of course, it was needless to worry, since after the very first bars of music it became obvious, that the band had the same force and energy as before – and it lasted till the end of this over-two-hour concert.” The concert in Nové Zámky was a genuine festival of joy, although the condition of Lajos Som disallowed him from staying on stage for the full concert. For this reason the band involved another bass-guitar player to help out. But Gallai managed the keyboards till the end, and Miklós Köves was rather tough dictating the rhythm from behind the drums. János Závody, showed his virtuosity again in playing the guitar. And of course, as always, the biggest star of the band was Sándor Révész. Some might remember the “crowds” of women falling in love with him 25 years ago – this great Hungarian rock-singer with a unique style and voice. As soon as he appeared on stage, it was obvious that this love has endured till now, or, if it had not, it was immediately revived. Although the long break in the history of the band left its marks on the first couple of songs of the Nové Zámky concert, Révész quickly found his original self in terms of both – singing and interacting with the audience. The band played its legendary hits, one after another, including Szállj fel magasra, A szerelem ördöge vagyok, Szabadnak születtem, Ajándék, Kóbor angyal, Becsület… They also invited Attila Horváth (lyrics) to the stage, who, did not even try to hide how deeply moved he was as the love flowing from the Nové Zámky audience washed over him. And in fact, the following lyrics of the band’s song were seen by all as up-to-date and relevant to the time – and not only because Christmas was just around the corner. “Do wish for all you wished for tonight, To come true tomorrow and the day after, Do wish for a true holiday, Do wish for a true life, Wish you all a peaceful Christmas time! The musicians hope to continue the ongoing saga of Piramis and plan to release a new record in the spring

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