Marionette show Don Giovanni, by W.A.Mozart
Over 550,000 spectators from all around the world have enjoyed the most successful version of W.A Mozart’s world-famous opera. Since
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Opera for the whole family!
Opera for the whole family! Czech marionettes in the opera of operas! More than 3,000 performances already launched! Attended festivals
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They made the Lucerna concert hall sing
During the nearly two-hours long, deeply impressive concert, that moved every soul in the audience, the Hungarian group presented their
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Omega recalled the old days in the Lucerna concert hall
It has already been incredible thirty-four years since the greatest asset of the Eastern bloc rock music – the Hungarian
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The recollections of Omega in Lucerna
PRAGUE The concert of rock veterans on the 9th of July in the big hall in Lucerna. You will be entertained
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A conversation with Marian Gold, a member of Alphaville band
An exclusive conversation with the singer and the leader of the music band called Alphaville. Your songs were very popular
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