Košice/Moldava nad Bodvou – Muddy open-air festival atmosphere, Hungarian rock, immortal Attila Pataky and fans who have been faithful for ages. The band Edda művek is famous for the fact that during their existence many musicians have been changed around the singer, Attila Pataky, but they have probably been playing for the longest time in this formation. The band, which consist of the following members: István Alapi (guitar), Zsolt Gyömöry (keyboard), Zoltán Hetényi (drums) and László Kicska (bass guitar), started the concert with the song Total Brutal. Among the time to time merging songs the hits like Kör, Minden Sarkon, Kölyköd Voltam or Éjjel Érkezem were dominating. However the band Edda also offered something „unknown“, i.e. songs from their latest album. Many fans have the feeling that Edda is getting commercial, which can be felt on their songs and it also showed a bit during their concert. While playing the newer songs, the oldest generation was only beating the rhythm impatiently with their feet and they were waiting for the well-know big hits. „We do not have the feeling that we have become more commercial. I think it is given by the fact that we are changing, as Attila is not 25 years old today, but 55. We were also commercial in 80s, but we played a music different from what we play now,“ István Alapi, the guitarist thinks. „We have never cared too much about it if the audience is going to buy us, but about what we can offer them. Therefore I think, we have what to offer even to the younger generations. Sometimes it happens to me that such people come to our concerts, whom I remember from the times when they were eighteen years old and they also bring their children to the concerts and it seems that they also like our music.“ The band Edda was quite looking forward to the concert in Moldava nad Bodvou, the leader of the band almost in case of each concert in Slovakia recalls their first concert in the territory of Slovakia. „It was in 1982 and what I remember the most is that there were a lot of policemen and communists,“ Pataky says laughingly. Edda is well-known for its concerts in small towns, where they often play as the only band of a bigger importance. „If we play on big stages, the people are too far. Therefore I like the performances in small towns as the contact with the audience is more personal,“ Alapi says. „But there is no difference between small or big, Hungarian or Slovak audience. If the people like the music, the language does not matter. I know such a guy, who does not know a single word in Hungarian but he knows all our lyrics, while he does not even know what he is singing about (laughter).“

 „I like the performances in small towns as the contact with the audience is more personal,“ Alapi, the guitarist says. (in the picture with Attila Pataky)

 The Hungarian rock legend put the audience in motion during the very first song

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