Omega – the biggest name in rock music from the days of the old Eastern Bloc, the only band, in fact, from the Communist era to make it all over Europe, are hitting the road again and going on their EUROMEGA TOUR 2006 Omega are giving two concerts in Slovakia, one in each of the country’s two biggest cities, playing in the National Tennis Centre in Bratislava at 7pm on May 23rd / and in the Amphitheatre in Košice at 7pm on May 24th. The support act at the concert will be Marián Varga /ex—Collegium Musicum/ as a solo performer, and in Bratislava Radim Hladík’s Blue Effect – a band with a brilliant guitarist and in Košice instead of Blue Effect Marián Varga and the band SEXIT from Rožňava. Radim Hladík and Blue Effect with their new line-up will launch a dynamic show with classic numbers like Kuře v hodinkách (Chicken in the Clock) or Sluneční hrob (Sunny grave) with Hladík using his famous bow not only with the whole band but also in solo numbers with his drummer. Nearly an hour long, the support show should get the crowd in the right mood for the main act of the long May evening!  Omega – the band Fans who remember Omega from ten or more years ago can enjoy their music again. To the sounds of guitar and keyboard and the big screen image, enters the main front man, the long-haired Janos Kobor – „Mecky“. As in the old days, Janos still knows how to thrill his fans with his unique stage presence.  The Omega band has been expanded by talented musicians and vocalists. The forceful line-up will present some of the songs from their new album that is being prepared and of course they will play some of their most famous songs. Even young members of the crowd who have never seen Omega before will be carried away by the power of their performance.  Omega is not playing in Slovakia for the first time and after many years they played two years ago in the stadium in Dunajská Streda and last year on June 9th in the Lucerna hall in Prague, and fans could enjoy a memorable musical experience. It will not be different this time either.  Such a band will come to our country again, which despite the language barriers, broke through into Europe during the Communist era with its music, texts, concerts spiced up with pioneer amazing laser pyrotechnic elements and won themselves fans all over the continent and people still want them and love them – it is a band that is called the Eastern Rolling Stones – not without any reason. For more information about Omega in more languages – a discography and biography, see the website Ageless band of yesterday and today

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