Košice The rock legend of the eastern block, the Hungarian band Omega led by the long-haired János Kóbor alias Mecky is also coming to Košice after an unbelievably long time! On Wednesday, 24th May at 7 pm the old rock fans and also the younger age groups will have a rock holiday in the Amphitheatre – simply everybody who has been seduced by this music. “We played more than twenty years ago directly in Košice therefore we are really looking forward to it” Mecky admitted. „We were in Slovakia two years ago and then I found out that the fans have remained the same, they are as great as some years ago. All the fans have the chance to sing the good old hits, but Omega will also surprise them with some new songs. We are going to play 3-4 new songs from the album we are finishing now Mecky said. The band Sexit from Roňava and Marián Varga will play before the actual performance of Omega. I have huge respect for this concert, in any case almost as much as for everybody. It will be a bit unequal fight as Omega is a colossus producing (o)mega show (laughter) from the visual and sound aspect as well. I hope that the bit of music I am going to offer the listeners will not drown totally in that ocean” Marián Varga said for Korzár. He has already trained how to perform with Omega as Collegium Musicum went on a tour with Omega all across Hungary in 1972. I think it was quite an equal score and the two bands got on well. We were thirty years younger and we had a great time he remembers. His fans can enjoy a mixture of older and new hits, however in a bit different version as they did not manage to call Collegium Musicum to the concert.

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