We talked with the leader and singer of the band concerning their two stops in Slovakia during their tour and launching of their new album. He did not talk only about their own music. We found out that he is also familiar with the rock music of our age and often goes to music shops. He does not often listen to commercial radio stations and since 1995 he has not been to any concerts either. At that time the band Rolling Stones had a concert in Budapest; in his opinion it was the peak that nothing can overcome and therefore there is no musician whose concert he would buy a ticket for. It is a big surprise for me that your new album will be issued by a relatively new Hungarian publishing company. Originally CLS Records had been expected to launch the album, but in the meantime the situation changed. Our old label Hungaroton has recently been focusing on almost exclusively archive music materials and therefore we went to look for a new brand. The CLS team is dynamic and has a well-organised distribution system; however, as it became known that we are about to launch a new album, also multinational companies, having their branches in Hungary, started to approach us. Recently we have decided for the EMI label. Partly because this brand showed great interest in the English version of the music material in Germany and one of these days they are issuing a selection of our biggest hits in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, too. Is it possible to fit in some of the songs from the new, so far unknown album with the old hits during the concerts in Slovakia? We will play three songs. These days the Hungarian commercial radio stations are starting to play the three best songs from the album and we will play the same three songs also during the concerts. We will play them in a shortened version among the other hits. They are typical Omega songs. What is the title of the new album? We discussed it a lot. We want to pursue the tradition of naming the album by one of the songs from it. In my opinion the song Ördögi cirkusz (Devil‘s Circus) has the best lyrics, written by János Bródy. Later I admitted that it would sound to be a somewhat negative title and would not reflect the spirit of the album. Then we thought of naming the album by a song with a more popular title called Koncert a Mennyben (Concert in Heaven) but we dropped the idea as the title is a bit too vague. A person close to us who often attends our rehearsals suggested that the title of the new album should be Égi jel (A Sign from Heaven). Eventually we decided for this title. It will be written vice-versa on the album: Égi jel (A Sign from Heaven): Omega. To what extent will this album follow the classical Omega style and to what extent does it adjust to the modern requirements for rock music? During the last few years the guitar sound gained ground again and we follow this line. We build on our two guitarists; beside Gyuri Molnár on Tamás Szekeres, who has been the sixth, permanent member of the band for more than 10 years. However the songs still carry the mystical and abstract music spirit, which is characteristic for us. I would call this album as a continuation of the albums Időrabló (Time Thief), Csillagok útján (On the Way of the Stars) and Gammapolis. Do you follow the events in today‘s rock music? Do you see that there are better albums issued now than some years ago? Absolutely. Before we started to prepare our new album, I went on a shopping spree and bought many CDs. So did my partners. Recently a lot of excellent bands have appeared, mainly in England. Especially the guitar sound is impressive. The big legendary bands hardly ever admit that they could learn from the young generation. We never denied that we can learn from the young ones. We do not follow just one line as for example the bands AC/DC or the Rolling Stones. They have created their own style and strictly follow it. We are changeable. Our first three albums were in beat style, then three hard rock albums followed, later we were striving for space rock and then three albums with typical rock music followed. Now we are building on the fresh and dynamic British rock but we want to emphasise: the instrumentation is principally in Omega style. Can you name some of your favourites? For a long time I liked the music of U2 and until the mid-80s it was the only music that really addressed me. Later only a few bands could catch my eye, for example the band INXS. I am very sorry that Michael Hutchence died, he was a great talent. As I already mentioned, at the moment I am interested in English bands. I like Oasis but they are not as awesome, as for instance Coldplay. Recently I have listened to Green Day, although they are Americans. Their straightforward drive and dynamic music captured me. Not long ago I also listened to the album of the band Toto. They are also Americans. It is also nice to listen to. If we reached the topic of music range I would like to ask you: how do you see the situation in Hungary? There are some bands, which give the evidence that young musicians with a different music direction also exist here, who do not play stereotypic fashion music. However there are no dominant bands among them, but some of them deserve our attention as they follow the right direction. For example the band Tankcsapda or Hooligans. Recently I have seen the band Supernem in an early morning TV programme; I also liked them. Whose idea was it to go on a European tour? Are you not afraid that today you might reach less success in the international field as before? This tour is our old dream. We always have a big audience at our concerts and we were curious how they would accept us now in the countries where we achieved great success in the past. Of course we did not plunge in deep water directly as we are not at all sure that everything will happen the way we planned at home. Therefore we had 1-2 test concerts last year. In Prague we played in front of 2.5 thousand people and more people came to our concert than to the concert of Duran Duran. We had some concerts in Germany, Northern Romania and also in Slovakia. We found out that there is nothing to fear and we can have bigger plans as well. In fact we made a survey of our possibilities in all of these countries and we know how big concerts we can undertake in each city.

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